Rotary International Projects in Health

The Rotary Foundation has made one of its core goals to help people with their health across the globe. Whether this be offering affordable health care services to communities or helping the fight in eradicating major diseases such as polio, HIV/AIDS, and malaria.

Where Rotary International Excels

To top things off the organization does even more than just helping with health care and fighting of diseases. It also designs and builds infrastructure for medical personal, governments, and partners to help those that need it most. Did you know that one in six people aren’t even able to afford to pay for their own health care?

This isn’t even considering that some people need to help pay for their parents health care once they are no longer able to afford it. It is clear that this problem is something that just can’t be put off to the side.  Another issue that’s becoming ever more critical now is obesity problem. Of course, resources like help people understand how they can loose some weight, it doesn’t help in the vast majority of cases. This is something that needs to be addressed and Rotary International is doing their part in helping the world.

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How Rotary International is Helping in 2015

child-285030_640The Rotary Foundation has a mission, and that mission is to promote peace around the world and to help those that need it most.

Our organization is currently aiding people all around the world, whether that be for fighting disease or promoting peace.

Promoting Peace Around the Globe

The Rotary Foundation has made one of its main goals to be focusing on promoting peace around the world. Did you know that over 42 million people are displaced by either an armed conflict or persecution? The organization is partnered up with leading universities which creates a team called the Rotary Peace Fellows. If you haven’t already guessed, this group is dedicated to strengthening the peace efforts in countries around the world. They also are capable of training the local leaders of areas on how to prevent conflict as well as how to mediate it. These Peace Fellows are also trained to support long-term peace building where areas are faced with conflict. The Rotary Foundation is capable of providing up to 100 peace fellowships per year.

Getting Rid of Disease

The organization has put one of their main goals to be fighting widespread disease. There are over 100 million people who are pushed into poverty due to hefty medical costs that sets them into debt they will never be able to pay off or they simply cannot afford it. The main goal here is to provide medical services to underdeveloped areas at a low cost so the communities can stay healthy. The members of the Rotary Foundation not only educate the locals but also helps prevent the spreading of major diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and polio.

Clean Water for Everyone

Providing clean water for people who might not be able to access it is another goal of Rotary. There are more than 2.5 billion people who currently do not have access to proper sanitation facilities. There are over 3,000 children who unfortunately die due to drinking from a water source that is unsafe.

The Essentials for a Mother and Her Child

Another fantastic goal that this organization has put into place is providing immunizations and antibiotics to babies and to improve the trained health care providers which help mothers and their children. The program they have in place seeks to empower the local communities so they can take ownership of health care training programs.