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Rotary International Projects in Health

The Rotary Foundation has made one of its core goals to help people with their health across the globe. Whether this be offering affordable health care services to communities or helping the fight in eradicating major diseases such as polio, HIV/AIDS, and malaria.

Where Rotary International Excels

To top things off the organization does even more than just helping with health care and fighting of diseases. It also designs and builds infrastructure for medical personal, governments, and partners to help those that need it most. Did you know that one in six people aren’t even able to afford to pay for their own health care?

This isn’t even considering that some people need to help pay for their parents health care once they are no longer able to afford it. It is clear that this problem is something that just can’t be put off to the side.  Another issue that’s becoming ever more critical now is obesity problem. Of course, resources like help people understand how they can loose some weight, it doesn’t help in the vast majority of cases. This is something that needs to be addressed and Rotary International is doing their part in helping the world.

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