Rotary International Projects in Health

The Rotary Foundation has made one of its core goals to help people with their health across the globe. Whether this be offering affordable health care services to communities or helping the fight in eradicating major diseases such as polio, HIV/AIDS, and malaria.

Where Rotary International Excels

To top things off the organization does even more than just helping with health care and fighting of diseases. It also designs and builds infrastructure for medical personal, governments, and partners to help those that need it most. Did you know that one in six people aren’t even able to afford to pay for their own health care?

This isn’t even considering that some people need to help pay for their parents health care once they are no longer able to afford it. It is clear that this problem is something that just can’t be put off to the side.  Another issue that’s becoming ever more critical now is obesity problem. Of course, resources like help people understand how they can loose some weight, it doesn’t help in the vast majority of cases. This is something that needs to be addressed and Rotary International is doing their part in helping the world.

Here’s a video from Jamie Oliver’s TED talk (the one he received an award for) about obesity problem as a major threat to public health:

Success in Combating Disease

The country of Nigeria has been successful in almost completely eradicating polio. They have been successful in reaching children who are in the seven northern states which were at a high risk for disease. What Rotarians have done is made their way into these remote areas either by car, canoe, or even on foot to ensure they can reach every child. The commitment to reach these children and give them vaccines shows the dedication of Rotary International.

Other ways that Rotary has helped communities is its Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS Prevention (RFHA), which is a Rotarian Action Group that helps people in Africa. They have 365 clubs that fan out across 3 countries (Uganda, Nigeria, and South Africa) and offer free health services. In May the organization successfully helped 250,000 people as they helped medical professionals and professional leaders help those in need. This event immunizations for polio and measles while also offering dental and eye clinics, family counseling, and screening for HIV, breast cancer, diabetes, cervical cancer, and hypertension.

Investing in Medical Equipment Around the World

In Ulaanbaatar Peace Avenue, Mongolia, the Rotary Club has raised money to help two Mongolian hospitals. The group was able to raise more than $10,000 which was used to outfit two hospitals with screening devices to test newborns for hearing. Batjargal who is a throat, nose, and ear physician explains how Mongolia typically doesn’t do hearing loss detection nationwide. She estimates that more than 200 children unfortunately lose their hearing every single year. If doctors are able to detect a hearing problem before the baby is able to turn six months old, they will be able to fit them with hearing aids. This will help the child communicate normally at school if early intervention can be put into place.

The club has held fund raisers in the past including a performance of the ballet “Swan Lake” which helped in raising the money for these screening devices. Hearing disabilities have been ignored widely by the government in Mongolia but these programs help turn the tide and give the medical attention to those that could benefit it. The future holds improving what can be offered to communities with fund raisers.

Taking Part in the Action

If you are interested in possibly joining Rotary and helping communities around the globe they do offer you the ability to sign up. If you want to help out in another way you can also support by giving a donation. These two methods can help in great ways, it is just a matter of getting involved.